Le Savon de Marseille, so much more than Just a soap!

 Thrifty, healthy, easy to use and packaging free, the ‘Savon de Marseille’ does it all and does not deceive.


This is the ultimate all purpose soap, a must have only in the bathroom but around the house. The Savon de Marseille is one of the best options for your skin but can also be used all over the house.

Its versatility is remarkable, just check a few of its uses below:

  • Powerful natural stain remover
  • Well known oil paint brush cleaner around Marseille
  • Great general household cleaning product
  • Replaces all shower gels, to be used for body, face hands, hair… It is well known that most shower gels contain harmful ingredients for health and the environment. It is hypoallergenic, recommended for sensitive, irritable skins.
  • Also can replaces your toothpaste!
More than 90% of so called ‘Savon de Marseille’ do not follow the traditional soap recipe and are often bad for your health and the environment. Fake imports can even use animal fat.
The real Marseille Soap must:
  • Be olive green
  • Not contain palm oil
  • Be made with no more than 6 ingredients – no perfumes, colouring, preservatives
  • Be made in France, most of the time produced by: Le Fer a Cheval, Marius Fabre, La Savonnerie de Midi or Le Serail.
  • Check for each of its 6th sides are stamped
So why not treat yourself to a bar of this remarkable Savon de Marseille and transform yours and your home cleaning habits for the best?



Le Fer a Cheval is the brand chosen by Sophie at Maison Elhoria;

follow the link www.maisonelhoria.com