Your kitchen textiles are serving you well, aren't they? ...Are they Really?

A customer recently generously shared her satisfaction:

"I am so happy with my Red O. Pink tea towels, they're better than any others I have. I love the colours. They're thick but soft and absorbent, nothing like the thin cotton printed tea towels you can buy, and  wear well in the wash. These are real artisan products, properly made and designed to last. And the colours are a joy!" 

We are not trying to briefly please, but help you and your kitchen perform  well daily to the best of our ability, with style and character.

It all starts at the beginning ... with the fabric that covers, protects tables,  dry your hands, cheer up your table, hangs beautifully off your cooker, dries dishes and wipes up spills, engage your bright side with head turning colours...

We don't just buy cheap fabric and dye it, but weave it right here in the UK with sustainable yarns. organic and recycled.

So here is how it goes: 

I am sharing here some important moments, of our last weave, early April.

Setting up organic cotton bobbins on the creel takes 2 to 3 days


From the Creel, each yarn is pulled into groups of fibres and loaded side by side, with precise order and tension on the swift(large cylinder below)


 Then transferred on the weaving machine