Top tips on choosing the right tablecloth this summer

With the al alfresco eating season up on us, choosing the right tablecloth can be key to any lunch or dinner party success. 
Maison Elhoria's Rainbow collection of 
tablecloths and Table Runner is exclusively woven and hand made  in one of the last remaining mills, in the North of England. 


Inspired by French Basque Basque textile traditional colourful and high quality reputation, it is woven with organic and recycled cotton yarns. 
Natural fibers or synthetic one? 
The choice of natural fibers would give the tablecloth more presence, making a statement, especially if the fabric weight is heavy. 
Synthetic fibers tend to appear shiny, especially outdoor, sending a 'cheap' message to the whole table, before you even set it. 
It is harder to highlight some beautiful table crockery and decoration on a synthetic base.
Finally, being outside, natural fibers will be more in keeping with the surroundings.

A more sustainable choice. 
Sustainability starts with getting the right return on your investment. Is the tablecloth colour printed or woven? Printing is not always ecofriendly and may not wash so well in the long term. A woven fabric, made with colourfast dyed yarns will be a better guaranty of durability and return on your investment. 
Manufacturing and weaving provenance is very likely to reflect on the cloth's quality, but also supports decently paid workers, profits local economies. 
Finally mention, or not, of organic or recycled yarns speaks for itself.