About us

Our mission is to offer customers feel-good and competent textile products that last, with fair provenance.

I am Sophie, founder of Maison Elhoria; I grew up in the Southwest of France, surrounded by lots of preserving and canning: stews, pork pate in the winter months, garden vegetables (green beans, ratatouille…) at the end of the summer, jams, seasonal mushrooms, soups, etc. Cupboards at home are family inherited, like the kitchen and home textiles they filled, all still used every day. Bold colours always attracted me. The daily pleasure of using strong and beautiful kitchen towels, and tablecloths… from my great-grandmother and grandmothers, combined with the natural love to keep, reuse and preserve, planted the seeds for Maison Elhoria.

I started Maison Elhoria in 2017; the company is named after my French Basque house. I first imported to the UK my own recipe of French Pork pate alongside some Basque fabric, which was manufactured into tea towels, and tablecloths… in Lancashire It made sense, soon, to weave in the UK for the UK market. I believe local skills should be supported.

In 2019 I ordered my first weave of rainbow fabric; in 2021, a second pattern arrived. My French Basque roots reflect values and appreciation for local skills, bright colours, and quality Consider Maison Elhoria as a micro business, part of the slow fashion movement for woven (not printed!) textile products.

Sustainability is not an added trend but naturally built-in, from quality organic and recycled yarns, GOTS certified, to supporting local manufacturing.