I created Maison Elhoria in 2017 after demand for my Basque products at the school fair was très grande, which opened my eyes to the potential for beautiful and traditional Basque homewares in the UK.    
Maison Elhoria is a Dorset based company offering authentic, traditional Basque inspired artisan products, manufactured in Lancashire.  I applied the ethos of the Basque region to my design and manufacturing process here in the UK, with a real focus on tradition, quality, colour and a pride in local resources.    
Mighty oaks from small acorns grow - from selling my own recipe pork Pȃtė de Campagne at the school Christmas fair, to distributing a collection of Basque items across the UK, Maison Elhoria has grown and evolved substantially over the past three years.  I moved away from importing cloth and small numbers of items from my home Basque village and began working with one of England’s last remaining traditional mills and a small manufacturer in Lancashire, giving my French-inspired products an English twist.   
The Basque Country has seven provinces, three in France and four in Spain.  It is a beautiful region of hills, mountains and sea, set between the south west of France and the north west of Spain. It is a very traditional area, where different generations still live under the same roof and products are created with passion and integrity, I’m proud of my Basque roots and knew that these traditional methods of weaving, a focus on craftsmanship and manufacturing locally, could all be applied here in the UK.
My current collection consists of a range of beautiful home textile products: bread baskets, kitchen accessories, wash bags and tea towels, all British made with a distinctive Basque French style.  Focusing on striking colours and traditional weaving, the products aim to reflect the best of Britain’s long lasting textile expertise, and as such I am excited to introduce them to you. 
As well as homewares, Maison Elhoria also offers my pork Pȃtė de Campagne, embracing French traditional artisan quality savoir-faire with an exclusive pâté recipe.